Hi everybody!

And I do mean everybody. Because every. single. badass. b*tch. one of you deserves to feel freakin' beautiful. Because you are. Period.

At Atelier Jean, we want everybody to feel safe and be able to express themselves to the fullest. We believe true beauty lies in diversity. A one-coloured rainbow would be so boring. Also, it would look hella weird, don't you think?

The world sometimes feels pretty dark. Ok, ok, let's be honest: it's really messed up, most days. Jewellery doesn't help much. But it helps a little. It's that little boost of confidence you need during the day. It's that shiny piece of gold that shows your personality at work. It's something you keep for yourself, or you share with the world. You decide. You have all the power with it.

Here we try our best to show you. All of you. To give you a spotlight. Because sometimes it just feels good to be noticed. We are fun. We are fierce. We are sad sometimes, and some days angry. We get frustrated, but we always continue on. With love. With passion. Resilience. And a unique spirit. It's that twinkle in your eyes when you are happy. The high-pitched voice you let out when you're excited. The sparkle in your heart when you feel love(d). The warmth around your fingers. Around your neck

We do hope our pieces make you happy. They are made with a love for you. For who you are and who you want to be. Contact us if you need any help. If you want to sell Atelier Jean in your shop. Or if you want to customise your own piece of jewellery.


Have fun. Lots of Love.