NEW: JEAN 'n SIP workshops

Still looking for a fun and slightly tipsy activity for you and your friends? To fill that bridesmaids obligation? To celebrate the twelfth consecutive year of turning 26? Or just to find an excuse to get you and the gang back together? We’ve got you.


At Atelier Jean, we want everybody to feel safe and be able to express themselves to the fullest. We believe true beauty lies in diversity. A one-coloured rainbow would be so boring. Also, it would look hella weird, don't you think?

1 necklace, endless possibilities

Keep matching your mood by simply mixing up your charm game. The front lock feature on our Classic JEANkes allows you to attach your favourite charms and switch them up to match your mood. This collection encourages you to let your own beautiful personality shine through.

"If I had all the money in the world I would buy all your jewelry!"

"Every time I wear the necklace I get compliments and everyone asks where it comes from."

"I'm sooooo happy with my T-shirt! It fits perfect. And believe me, it's very hard to find a fun T-shirt that fits well in my size. I'm super happy with it!"

Giving people a chance

Every JEANke you wrap around your finger or neck is made by love together with two different sheltered workshops: Weerwerk for assembly and De Fikserij for shipping. Together, we can give people who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance at employment a real opportunity and shot at life.

Who the f*ck is JEAN?

JEAN? That’s me, Janne Lauwers. Or at least that’s what my mum, grandma and best friends always call me. It kinda stuck. The genderless name - Jean in French vs Jean in English - also perfectly encapsulates what I truly believe. That jewellery should be accessible to everyone. And everyone should be encouraged to wear whatever the f*ck they want.