Open JEAN 'n SIP workshops

Still looking for a fun and slightly tipsy activity where you can get your creative juices flowing? We've got you!

What’s JEAN ‘n SIP all about?

Join me in the beautiful Sundé in Antwerp for a 2 to 3 hour workshop/drinkshop where we make jewellery and discover the orangests of wine together. There is tapas, there are drinks and there is lots of bling-bling for €105 pp. Catering provided by Tom Herbosch.

I want to book a spot

We'll organise our JEAN 'N SIP workshops 2 times a month with a maximum of 10 people per date.

You can book a spot for a small group of friends or you can fix a seat for yourself & get to know new people while being creative.

Find out the first upcoming dates by clicking the button below.

Oh no, we want to book with a group and there are no more spots left?

No worries. We’re also organising private JEAN ‘n SIP workshops for a minimum of 6 people.